Oribe Shampoo for Magnificent Volume

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 The body-building polymers in this shampoo give the hair extra volume and make the hair optically thicker. The rare botanical extracts ensure that the hair becomes full, luscious and strong. In addition, the hair stays in shape easily.      

The high-tech body building effect of this shampoo is weightless, detangles and strengthens the hair. This shampoo is paraben and sodium chloride free. It offers protection against UV rays and is color safe. It provides support to effortlessly comb the hair and gives a clean shine.

Guar Gum a derived polymer, ensures that hair is weightless and detangled. It maximizes the volume of the hair and fills the hair shaft. The marine glycogen improves volume and stimulates the scalp and hair follicles. The watermelon extract, from the Kalahari desert, offers natural protection against oxidative stress and prevents the breakdown of natural keratin. Furthermore, the Keratin-Derived Actives penetrate into the scalp, forming a shield and strengthening the surface of the hair. This shampoo also has an anti-aging effect. There are also Amber extracts in the shampoo. These provide antioxidants, they contain conditioning and strengthening properties for the hair.