GOLDWELL Men's Refresh Set

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This high value Men's Gift Set Includes:

GOLDWELL Dualsenses Hair & Body Shampoo

When you want a one-stop product, this Hair & Body Shampoo is going to be a trustworthy product to put your trust in. This is a lightweight, carefully designed formula that will effectively cleanse your hair and still keep it residue-free. This will also effectively cleanse and moisturize your skin as well. Great for when you dont have time or room for shampoo and body wash, this will do the job of both without compromising on either. Fresh and clean from head to toe, this is precisely what you need for an all-in-one shampoo.  

  • Designed for cleaning and moisturizing hair and body 
  • Will cleanse without leaving residue 
  • Comes in a 300 ml bottle 


GOLDWELL Roughmen Matte Paste

Goldwell StyleSign Roughman Matte Cream Paste (100ml) is a high performance sculpting paste that gives long lasting control with a flexible, yet strong hold. Improves the manageability of even the most stubborn hair types and smoothes all unwanted fly aways! Infused with Flex Shine Technology to give all styles a radiant shine and chic finish. Protect hair colour and can be used on both wet and dry hair.

Directions of use:

  • Apply cream to either wet or dry hair.
  • Create your look!


GOLDWELL Elixer Oil Treatment

Versatile Oil Treatment with regenerating argan and precious tamanu oil. Specially developed for all hair types. Its highly effective ingredients are instantly absorbed to provide hair with outstanding shine and a silky-soft feel - without weighing it down. For luxuriously conditioned, healthy shiny and frizz-free hair. This versatile oil treatment is for all hair types. Goldwell Elixir is immediately absorbed into the hair and leaves a pleasantly light hair feeling. Turns every kind of hair into luxuriously cared-for hair.

  • Wonderfully effective
  • Wonderfully versatile
  • Silky-soft smoothness
  • Intensive shine
  • Improved combability
  • Tames of unruly hair
  • Anti-Frizz effect
  • Exceptional shine
  • Improved colour brilliance